Getting Started Hanging Wallpaper

Hanging Wallpaper: Getting Started

Hanging wallpaper can at first seem very intimidating.  A little guidance goes a long way when it comes to getting the hanging process right.  Though is usually doesn’t cost much to get a professional to hang your wallpaper, it can be a very rewarding process to do it yourself.  Below are two quick videos to help get you started on your wallpaper hanging journey.

Getting Started: Tools and Tips from a Pro

This video provides tips and tricks from a wallpaper hanging pro on the tools needed as well as what to consider before you begin.

Hanging the First Sheet of Wallpaper

This video goes over hanging the first sheet of wallpaper.  The first sheet is usually the most intimidating because every other piece of wallpaper will be placed off of the first sheet.

Wallpaper your way to a Stylish Home

Once the first sheet is hung the hanging process becomes easier.  Hang papers side by side matching up the patterns.  The process will speed up the more paper you hang.  After all the paper is hung, it is time for you to call up all your friends to show off your new walls.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new room.


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