Wall Decorating Techniques: 3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Walls


Wall Decorating Techniques

The walls of your home is by far the largest feature for you to display your style.  Home owners often overlook decorating there walls but it is quick and easy to get the style look you want for your home interior.  Here are three ways for you to decorate your walls to your style.

Paint A Wall Mural

Once I understand what I want to paint, I typically follow that up by going to your location to shoot some pictures that I can use as a model, or by finding different representations, photos, drawings to work with as a benchmark. For instance, if I wished to paint a seascape I might drive around the shore place where I look for items or scenery I want to add in my own wall muralpainting. Once you have that which you need to put together your picture, painting the backdrop first is essential. I work my way down and start at the top. After I’ve my background in I’ll place my other items, including roads, individuals, cars or no matter what the subject may be. Occasionally I hand paint in these objectsand occasionally I may make use of a projector first to cast the image on the wall, delineate it out and then hand paint it. A projector is very helpful to keep the proper proportions also to assist in placement of the object. You may be thinking what medium to work with on a wall. I work with a mixture of acrylic paint that you can get also and in just about any art supply or craft store latex paint that you would buy by the gallon or hardware store. Both of these mediums clean up easily with water and dry fast. Additionally, acrylic paint has no fumes so working with you will not be bothered by it during the process. I generally purchase a gallon of extra bright white paint mix together with the acrylic colors. This may stretch your dollar, because buying small tubes of acrylic paint can add up quickly particularly if you’re painting a large area. I propose painting a clear coat of polyeurothane to protect your mural when you have finished it. Find a coating that will not yellow with age. Cleaning is allowed by the clear coating in the event of filth or fingerprints.

Wallpaper Your Walls

Vinyl wallpaper are popular because they’re durable, easy to maintain, and fairly simple to install. There are paper backed yellowdamaskbedroomvinyl wallpapers, fabric-backed vinyl wallpapers, and wall papers designed to seem like a three dimensional surface, including plaster, granite, or grass material, which are suited to walls that are not totally smooth. Cloth wallpaper is generally made of cotton, linen, or alternative natural plant fibers, such as grass-fabric, hemp, or burlap. Most fabrics usually are not washable and fray readily. Solid paper wall coverings comprise  foils, hand-screened papers, flocked papers with textured patterns, and murals. Professionals should install both paper and cloth wallpapers. Presuming beyond wallpaper the chance of stone, ceramic tile, wood, and metal is distinct materials that may cover walls too. To ascertain how much wallpaper to purchase, assess width and the height of each wall using a steel tape measure. Multiply width and the height of every wall, then add the figures together to get the square footage that is rough. How a room is used will help you ascertain what wall coverings are suitable. Get a sample or one rolls and looks at it in the space with your other furnishings and samples to compare there texture and different pattern. You might want to think outside the box, as they say, and contemplate new materials as well as conventional materials utilized in new and various ways in regards to wallcoverings selections. Think about areas that are new to make use of them, like ornamental tile in wood or the dining room in the toilet. You bunched paper for the living-room or may pick an elegant linen. Either kind of paper texture will add richness to your room.

Say Something With Wall Lettering

Certainly one of the latest things in home decor is vinyl wall lettering. Vinyl lettering is something you may see in an office building, resort or another place of business, but in my house. Yes in your home, you’ve probably seen one form or another of vinyl lettering in maybee a kid’s bedroom, or play room. Perhaps the kid’s name could be on the wall in vinyl lettering along with some vinyl decals of castles, trees, butterflies, animals or whatever the kid might like. Another great idea for a childs room would be there birthdate. Now you are see vinyl lettering in living spaces that are adult. You could visit a food fraise in real food names or the kitchen on the wall in vinyl lettering to coordinate with the design of the kitchen. You are going to additionally could use vinyl wall lettering having area or a date the couple was very important to them or met. The foyer or family room area in the house might have an inspirational or religious message. It is all personal taste to the homeowner on the sort of message they want to view each and every day when their guests visit, and show them. Having a message on the wall that goes with the appearance of the home become an item that is conversational and will look elagant. This only another means to bring an alternative appearance to your house. In the event of vinyl wall lettering you can select font and the color to fit the style in the space. Plenty of the latest fashionable home decor websites and magazines are speaking about this new approach so as to add some pizzazz to your property.

Wall Decorating is Easy

As you can see there is a multitude of ways to decorate your walls.  Think about the style interior you want to achieve, then start to think about how you can accomplish this with wall decorating.  Using wallpapers, wall decals, and paint are easy ways to style your walls.


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